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KUHL LLC (dba Superfrau)

Virtual Booth: KUHL LLC (dba Superfrau)


Hey-hey, right this WHEY! Superfrau is innovating a Sparkling Functional Beverage made with Fresh Upcycled Whey, that tastes amazing, is loaded with health benefits, AND helps save our planet. Yeah whey! The brand vibe and personality connects with Gen-Z and young millennial consumers who care about what they put in their body AND their impact on the environment.

Superfrau is on a mission to empower consumers to fight food waste and climate change. Superfrau is a delicious, nutritious upcycled drink made from fresh whey, the nutrient-packed liquid strained during yogurt and cheese fermentation that often goes to waste. Superfrau rescues this whey, infuses it with natural fruit flavors, and upcycles it into a delicious fizzy beverage that's naturally loaded with functional benefits for your body and mind.

We will be at the Upcycled Food Association's Booth #5384 (Hall E). Sampling on Friday, March 11 from 2-2:45pm. Come by!!

Exhibiting at:
Natural Products Expo West 2022
Company Type
Brand Manufacturer
Company Attributes
Mission-Driven BusinessSome Organic ProductsWomen Owned
Category: Beverage
Functional Beverages

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