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Sky Organics

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Sky Organics came from a simple vision of wanting to provide our children with the best life possible. Our family is connected to nature and exploration, seeking travel and new experiences. When we had our children, our love of nature and our interest in naturals deepened. Concerns about processed baby food led us to make our own. We examined our soaps and cleaners. This ignited a passion where we began using our kitchen to create organic cleansers and creams. We started with simple things like sugar and vinegar, coconut and castor oils. We added botanicals like rosehips and chamomile. We experienced the benefits of plant-based, clean beauty.

We educated ourselves on product formulation and became interested in organic farming. We soon discovered our choices had an impact beyond us. We were no longer ingesting pesticides, and neither was the farm worker. Bees, critical for so many crops, are sheltered on many organic farms. Every time we see a child delight in a butterfly or enjoy the sweetness of honey our commitment grows. Diversity is a shared value. We stood with farmers looking at the sky to predict the weather. We depend on the hydration of rain and the warmth of the sun. Science tells us we are born from the same elements as the stars. People are a part of nature. It makes sense that what they put on their bodies and in their bodies should come from nature, too.

By 2015 what had begun as a family calling became a mission that had to be shared. We committed to making responsibly sourced products with organic ingredients accessible to all. Tested on happy humans, never on animals. And, if organic isn’t available we promise they will be as natural as possible.

Available at retailers nationwide, including CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart and Whole Foods.

Exhibiting at:
Natural Products Expo West 2022
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Brand Manufacturer
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Family OwnedNew/Emerging BrandSome Organic Products
Category: Personal Care & Beauty
Aromatherapy & Body OilsHair CareOtherPersonal Care & HygieneSkin Care
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Certified OrganicMade in the USAPlant-Based
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